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  Introduction :  
Wei Ngiap Motor Pte Ltd was established and registered in Singapore in 1987. Being in business for the past fifteen years and growing, we are, today, one of the leading companies in Singapore that sources for a wide range of used vehicles in the market and exports them to our valuable clients all over the world.

Our Company and staffs hold customer satisfaction as our top priority. Thus, in order to maintain our customers' satisfaction to the fullest possible, we seek, not only to keep a huge quantity of vehicles of the many make and models in stocks at all times, but also to improve and maintain the quality of these vehicles. The stocks are keep in a yard (Export Processing Zone, EPZ in short) that provides a one stop service with paint spraying, washing, vehicle servicing and repairing facilities. The yard that can hold up to 800 units of vehicles at any one time, made it possible to maintain the huge stock, the servicing facilities as well as to provide storage for vehicles waiting for shipments to our valuable clients.
  Being a pioneer in vehicle exporting in Singapore, we have established strong grounds and foundation.

With our dedication and experiences, who else can serve you better?
  About Us :  
Wei Ngiap Motor Pte Ltd, Westwood Enterprises & Bravo Auto

Wei Ngiap Motor Pte Ltd is the parent company of Westwood Enterprises & Bravo Auto. Wei Ngiap Motor Pte Ltd was started by our three directors, namely Mr Ng Yew Hock, Mr Ng Eik Hwa & Mr Neo Gim Chuan in 1987. Initially, the core business of the Company was local vehicle retail. However, as years passed and market trend changes, the Company adapted by switching its main business to vehicle exporting. As business expands, in order to better cater to the various markets overseas, Westwood Enterprises & Bravo Auto was set up. Westwood Enterprises is headed by our Sales Manager, Mr Ricky Tan, and Bravo Auto, our Business Development Manager, Mr Craymond Ching.
Export Processing Zone (EPZ)

Situated in Jalan Buroh, our EPZ is a big 123,000 square feets storage ground for up to 800 units of vehicles. We have our very own washing bay, and paint spraying, vehicle servicing and repairing facilities within the EPZ.