Nail polish and Top coat are used to make the finger bright, attraction and beautiful. We are using such a lovely and Hight Quality Products to make women's finger shiny and attraction for her suitable color for her suitable occasions.

Nail Polish
Exceptional nail polish that is able to "flow" on, blended to last a long time.

Top Coat
Strong, flexible top coat reinforced with acryl that adds brilliance and protects nail polish.


After the final coat of nail color has dried, apply Colorfix over entire nail and under nail tip where enamel is most likely to chip. A coat of Colorfix every couple of days will freshen and give continuous glaze to your manicure.

Nail Polish Remover
An effective formula that removes nail polish quickly and thoroughly.


Moisten cotton pad and apply to surface. Hold in place for a few seconds and then wipe off nail polish in one stroke.

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