Company Profile ................
Founded in 1997, the Babies Adoption Agency has successfully finalized numerous adoptions from all over the Asian Countries and is registered in the Country of Singapore.

We at Babies Adoption Agency with many years of experience is the right choice for your adoption. We select the best from the rest! we have a large selection of Asian babies / young children.

Services Include :

  • Specialises in adoption of babies from Indonesia and Malaysia
  • No fees required before viewing of baby
  • Fast legal documentations in Singapore within 2 to 4 weeks after viewing
  • Guarantee on health conditions and blood tests
  • Expatriates from foreign countries working within Singapore are eligible
Babies Adoption Agency is a private international adoption company that provides reliable informations and personal attention to prospective adoptive parents during their consideration of adopting a child from abroad.

Babies Adoption Agency is committed to excellent services and guarantees to be with the adoptive parents during the entire process of the adoption. Let’s do it together!

If you would decide to adopt a child through us, Babies Adoption Agency will help you in every step towards this honorable goal. Please remember that each of you, who are now reading these context, can make a difference in life of a little helpless child, who is wishing that his or her fate will be shiny and bright. Besides these bundle of joy will bring great joy & happiness to your home and to your family. This child’s hope is in your hands.